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It has been a long cold winter and yet there are signs that Spring is on the way! We see it in the early morning light and a later sunset. We feel it on those warmer days with the sun on our face. The time of hibernation and stillness is passing and we are being invited to emerge into that light and move towards ... possibility.

Spring is also bringing emergence from our long pandemic isolation. Many restrictions related to the pandemic are being lifted and many of us may have feelings of fear and trepidation. We need to acknowledge these feelings and take steps to help us move forward.

This is easy to say but can be harder to do in our world of unknowns. It can be helpful in those times, to reach for simple things that are known and observable. Small things to help create a sense of hope in the midst of our anxiety. Observe the sun through the trees or in a cloudless sky (careful to protect your eyes!). Conversely, take time to notice the phases of the moon in the night sky. When we pay attention to these inevitable cycles it can give us a solid footing that there are constants in the universe. Becoming in tune with these cycles can be beneficial for the whole of our being.

As it gets warmer, take the time if you can to get out on the land, listen to the birds, perhaps the sound of melting snow and ice. These are known, winter melts into spring, all that has been still and hidden begins to emerge into the warmth and light of summer... eventually. In our uncertain world, the land can hold us up mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. Science has finally confirmed what Indigenous people have always known. It is time for your emergence... feel yourself as an intrinsic valuable part of the web of creation - feet on the ground... face to the sky ... the one who connects them both. Emerge into your vibrance knowing that in this moment, you have balance and connection ... just right now.

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